1. Graduate of Higher Education "Social Pedagogy"; Bachelor series PU-1998, No. 011801, Reg. No 13 / September 1998;

2. Higher education diploma "Psychology"; Master series PU - 2002, No 004967, ref. MSC 22, February 2002;

3. Higher Education Diploma "Tourism"; Master's degree course, Varna 11 - No 028855, Reg. No 11339/21.11.2011;

4. Certificate of Specialization of a Higher Education Specialist "English Language Guidance" - series C-97, No 1945 of 17.10.1997.

5. Certificate for professional qualification "Animator in tourism", specialty "Tourist animation" No 040713/20.07.09;

1. Certificate of completion of training course "Basic and Specific Computer Skills of Teachers", No 16-6811/16.02.2007;

2. Certificate No 16-6811 / 16.02.2007 18 / 31.03.2003 for "Business Associate", MES-Electrical Engineering and Electronics, ET-Elbinix-Plovdiv;

3. Certificate of proficiency in Italian - 1 level, No 593 /17.03.1999;

4. Certificate for English Language No 353 / 05.07.1999;

5. Certificate for German Level 1 and Level 2 - KS, 26.06.2008 and CS 15.03.2008;

6. CERTIFICATES - Maritime Administration - Varna - Passenger ship familiarization training; Passenger ship safety training - Reg.No 2183 / 20.11.2010;

7. CERTIFICATES - Maritime Administration - Varna - Personal survival technigues, fire prevention and fire fighting, elementary first aid, personal safety and social responsibilities. Reg. No 2182 / 19.11.2010;

8. CERTIFICATE - Maritime Administration - Varna - Passenger ship passenger training training, Passenger ship crisis management training Reg. No 2183 / 20.11.2010;

9. Certificate for Teacher Training under the Health Education Program "Public Program for Prevention of Drug Use in Schools" -17.10.2009

10. Certificate for the course "Psychology of teacher-student relationships" - RAABE B, No 201124105444 /24.10.2011;

11. Certificate of Training Seminar "Aggression Overcoming Phenomena, Aggression and Hyperactivity", No 307 / 31.03.2012. In the town of Narechen]

12. Certificate from the European Educational Career Center "Creating sustainable mechanisms of family involvement as an integral part of the public educational process for building communicative - speech skills of children and students" - 01.03.2013.

13. Certificate for course "Method for assessment of the risk of re-offending of juvenile and juvenile delinquency - Criminal Law Legal Protection of Children" - 16.10.2013. In the town of Hissar;

14. Certificate for course "Methods and approaches for solution of conflict situations in school and effective techniques for communication and work with parents" - town of Hissar;

15. Certificate for Training Seminar "Raising Motivation for Learning - Factors and Motivational Models" - Velingrad;

16. Certificate for qualification course "Working with students with different degrees of learning";

15.06.2003 until now - Pedagogical advisor. Main activities and responsibilities: Psychological counseling of 1-12 grade students, preventive lectures, corrective measures, counseling with parents, teachers and leadership, referral to CPD, MRF, ICD, PFP, specialized psychological, logopedic and psychiatric care, if necessary, conducting Psychological tests and inquiries, cult-mass organizational activity - organizing sports celebrations, celebrations, excursions, cartoon celebration, etc., participation in the anti-communist commission. Events - UCMCCM and other organizational and technical activities. Type of activity or sphere of work Advisory, psychological, preventive, pedagogical;

13.04.1999 - 10.04.2002 Social worker - Social work with adults with moderate and high level of mental and physical disabilities, organizational activity, psychological counseling, individual and group talks, family therapy , Workshop, art therapy, cultural events - organizing charity concerts, celebrations, excursions, theater visits, cinema, museums etc., tests and surveys, joint work with GRAO, TELK, MI, NSSI, RIPCPH etc. State and private institutions, foundations .;

Home for adults with mental and physical disabilities Plovdiv - 168 Tsarigradsko shosse Blvd .;